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The information below the has been obtained from the blog at Toy Poodle Rescue.

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Trifexis side effects
Sunday, 05 June 2011 13:21
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We have provided this disclaimer to protect ourselves after receiving this email from someone at Elanco (makers of Trifexis) in an attempt to make us take this information down. We will not! ALL of the emails we have received are from people who have given Trifexis to their pet and we have every right to print them and they are willing to stand by their emails!

From:Elanco [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 11:40 PM
Subject: Contact Us – Toy Poodle Rescue

Name: Elanco
City: Indianapolis
State: Indiana
Message: You will soon be contacted to discuss and provide proof of facts pertaining to the claims on your web page about Trifexis. You have 5 working days to voluntarily remove all comments starting Jan 16 2012.

We tried to respond to this email but it was returned we do though have the IP address which was sent from an IPAD, Elanco if you would like the IP address of the person from your company that is threatening us, we would be happy to supply you and the authorities with that.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
So you may not know the side effects of this new Heartworm medication so let us share the facts taken from their own website….

We encourage EVERYONE to contact Elanco, the makers of Trifexis to discuss any issues with this drug.
The contact info is at the bottom of this page. They also have a Facebook page that we really encourage you to contribute your experience to, as I am sure they and other users would want to hear of any problems people and their pets are experiencing, here is the link:!/trifexis?sk=wall&filter=1
PLEASE write us an email also so we can put it up on our blog.

Here are the emails we have received so far, regarding some peoples experience with Trifexis. If you have any other info please go to our contact page and send us your experience with this drug. We will post every email sent to us with your permission. Every time someone types in Trifexis to Google our blog pops up so they can read the emails from other pet owners. Thank you.

They are very sad.

My brother’s 5 month old Black Lab died yesterday. After researching Trifexis we strongly believe it is to blame. She had all of the same symptoms the other dog owners have reported.. Lethargy, vomiting, wobbling while walking, loss of appetite and seizures. She died (at her 2nd trip to the vet in 2 days)… while they were trying everything they could possibly do to save her. Our vet is researching the drug now and may pull it off his shelves. We are hoping to get the word out about this harmful drug so other dog’s lives are not put in jeopardy. We have started a petition to get Trifexis banned. Please go and sign the petition here.
Trifexis needs to be banned.

We gave our 9 yr old, 95 lb German shepherd his 4th dose of Trifexis Sunday-Jan 8, 2012. Today- Jan 10, we had to have him put to sleep. Our vet would not believe that the medication had anything to do with his symptoms; no appetite, disorientation, labored breathing. We kept waiting for him to get better. He never did. We fed him before giving him the tablet. He wasn’t nauseated, he was impaired! I’m so sad and angry that I didn’t do my research before using Trifexis. Please, please spread the word, for Cane.

I bought this for my 1.5 year old, 65 lb Boxer – Rooney. This is the only change he has experienced in his routine. This is the first time he took the product. Within 2 hours he was groggy, unable to focus his eyes, disoriented, unable to walk, completely uninterested in any food or water and experiencing tremors. He has been sleeping almost exclusively for the last 12 hours and will only drink water if I give it to him out of a turkey baster. This product is dangerous! be careful! I’m scared.

OMG!!! I want to thank you so much for posting the emails about Trifexis. I gave my 11 month old goldendoodle his fifth dose of it today. He has never had any side effects before. I gave it to him around 1:00 pm. He acted normal and then around 6:00 he started acting lethargic and was falling asleep sitting up. He couldn’t get comfortable, its as if he is drunk. I was about to take him to the emergency clinic when I remembered that I gave it to him today. I am so glad that I looked up the side effects. As of right now he is sleeping. Do you know how long these symptoms usually last? I’m wondering if he is still acting like this tomorrow if I should take him to the vet. Thanks so much for posting about this. I am never giving him it again, and will tell everyone I know about this. Thanks!

After confirming that after the 3rd time (month) in a row, my 4 year old maltipoo was having some sort of reaction to her Trifexis. I came online to research side effects and found people on your site who commented with the exact same issue.
Within 12 to 24 hours of taking her Trifexis pill, she became very lethargic and staring up at the ceiling. The last two times it lasted for about 12 hours.

I just gave my dog Trifexis tonight. She had it last month with no issues before. My internet searches led me to your site with the only similar symptoms she is having. she is extremely lethargic. is falling asleep sitting up. Her neck keeps craning up to the ceiling. All similar symptoms i saw posted on your web page. but my concern was if anyone had to take there dog to the vet or was there anything they could even do? i saw one that said the symptoms lasted for about 12 hours. Any advice on those people who had similar side effects would be truly helpful. i really don’t have the money for an emergency vet trip.

My dog has had three seizures since starting Trifexis four months ago. I hope it is the cause because he is off it now and I hope the seizures stop. Don’t know if the drug contributed but there seem to be a lot of people suggesting a link…

I am so glad we found your site! We gave our 11 month blue tick coonhound a Trifexis tablet this Monday night. About 5 hours later, he was displaying the same symptoms that other people mentioned on your site!! The scariest night for us. His eyes were rolling back into his head and he couldn’t focus on anything, he would look up at ceiling and open his mouth, try to sleep standing up and acted like a zombie! He couldn’t settle or sleep for awhile and was cold to the touch! He was shivering and when we flashed a bright flashlight he didn’t even flinch. Thank goodness we found your site because then we knew that he would most likely be ok but we will NEVER give it to him again!! It took 18 hours before he started acting normal again. Something needs to be done about this drug. We felt horrible for giving it to him. I have to wonder if it was poisoning him or affecting his brain the way it may do to the parasites it’s intended to treat. Please keep getting the word out! If there is any place we need to post so more people will be aware, we will absolutely do that!
Sara and David

I gave my 2 year old 55 lb boxer Trifexis yesterday. I woke up this morning with her under a table. She would not leave…would not eat or drink today and trembled when we forced her to go outside. She is very nervous and shaky if she has to move or appears to doze off while she is sitting up. She also seems to have an odd twitch with her face that I have not seen her do before. This is so bazaar. The only thing I have done differently in her routine is give her the first and LAST dose of Trifexis. I sure hope our girl comes out of this. I appreciate any info you may have.

What to do if your dog is showing signs of side effects of Trifexis:
Call your vet office or your nearest emergency office to see what they would want you to do. Keep them on the ground, not elevated, keep them with you during the night not in another room or you may not know they are in distress.
Do not allow them on the bed as they could fall off during the night.
Keep them hydrated by squeezing water into their mouths a little at a time, as they may be too disorientated to get to the water bowl.
Let them get fresh air periodically by taking/carrying them outside for short periods.
Just like us when we don’t feel well fresh cool air helps clear our head.
Love them!

To contact Elanco and report any problems:
Product Information and General Inquiries

For information about Trifexis™ (spinosad + milbemycin oxime) contact us at:
1 (888) 545-5973.

Media contacts:
If you are a member of the media seeking more information, please contact:
Colleen Parr Dekker at 1 (317) 276-4076
Global Media Relations and Communications


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