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Using Best Yet vs PCO
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CedarCide’s Best Yet is recommended by PRUDENT VET’S as a replacement to toxic and non-effective Frontline, Advantage and other Spot Drop Pet Meds that compromise your dog’s or cat’s immune system by promoting dry skin, itching sensations, erratic behavior, convulsions, illness and possible premature death.
Best Yet is:
– a 24 hr cure for yeast and bacterial infections of the ear canal and ear mites.
– instant death to fleas, mites and ticks of all kinds.
– a perpetual cure for Sarcoptic, Demodectic and Red Mange, Flea Dermatitis and associated Hot Spots.

Best Yet, was originally developed for the U.S. Army.
Scientifically tested and proven by Iowa State University, Rutgers University and the ICR laboratories. Best Yet is the product of choice of major hotels, hospitals, housing authorities and shelters for non-toxic control of insects.

Best Yet is a contact killer to bed bugs, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, ants, roaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, earwigs, gnats and an array of other non-beneficial insects. Use as a non-toxic chaser of scorpions.

Best Yet kills insects on contact by attacking their breathing system with the aroma of cedar oil, deadly to a long list of pests yet completely harmless to humans and pets.  The pheromone interruption agents in cedar oil create a barrier of entry making areas treated with Best Yet off limits.

Best Yet will not stain and can be used on any surface area including skin, hair, cloth or leather furniture, carpet, wood, hardwood floors, tile and linoleum floors, clothing, mattress and box springs, kitchen counters, and inside cupboards and pantry areas.
Best Yet is formulated with FDA food grade ingredients and cedar oil and is considered a 25b minimum risk pesticide by the EPA. The application of Best Yet in a pest control agenda does not require a permit. Best Yet is exempt from EPA registration.


Active ingredients: Cedar oil 10%
Inert ingredients: Hydrated silica 90% CAS #7699-41-4
UPC: 7-85766-04002-5

Available sizes:
1 fl. oz. (30ml)
2.5 fl. oz. (73.93ml) – $7.50
4 fl. oz. (118ml) – $12
1 Quart – $29.95  (trigger-spray handle included)
1 Gallon – $99.95
55 Galllon Drum – $3273
Best Yet 2-5 oz


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