the Poison of Atrazine

For Save the Frogs Day (April 28), the Center for Biological Diversity needs your help to convince Congress to ban atrazine, a commonly used weedkiller and toxic chemical that threatens imperiled frogs, other wildlife and people across the United States.
Atrazine is a powerful endocrine disruptor.  It interferes with natural hormone functions, inhibiting the reproduction, development and growth of fish, wildlife and humans.
Researchers have proven that atrazine chemically castrates and feminizes male frogs at concentrations up to 120 times lower than the levels allowed by the EPA.  In people, it increases risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and decreases sperm count.
Atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface and drinking water.
It’s also extremely persistent in the environment: Atrazine is still being detected in France 15 years after its last application.
Ask Congress to save our waters and frogs from atrazine — a poisonous chemical cocktail.

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