I believe in Community, in its progressive & healthy growth via individuals’ ongoing support.
I believe in the importance of “giving back” to Community
and in the motto “shop & buy local” as often and as reasonably possible.
I believe in living simply so that other sentients can simply live.

– Toxic pesticides continue to poison our food (soils), our waters and air.
Please don’t add to it.
– Toxic pesticides are deadly poisons to our species,
especially to our babies and children.
– Toxic pesticides are poisonous to our pets and livestock.

My commitment to increasing public awareness of the availability of non-toxic, chemical-free alternatives to the popular toxic pesticides/insecticides is unwavering.
To help further public awareness I will personally donate 40% of your order’s net proceeds to a verified, local animal welfare non-profit of your choosing. (see Order page for Requirements and Order process details)

The purpose of my effort is two-fold:
(1) to increase retail presence / public awareness of CedarCide products,
(2) to help animal welfare non-profits promote the benefits of using CedarCide products while increasing their revenue stream.

CedarCide Products is your “go to” resource for 100% organic, 100% biological, non-toxic alternatives to the highly toxic pesticides that continue to pollute ourselves, our pets, our property, our biosphere.
Educate yourself on Cedarcide’s green alternatives that truly work.
Break free from the paradigm of poisoning our Earth’s water and soil.

Daniel R. ( )

612 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, Texas 77373 USA
Retail showroom is open to the public Monday-Friday 8am-6pm CT Saturday 9am-1pm CT
800-842-1464 (Local & international 281-367-5075)
Call for live telephone help Monday-Friday 7am-10pm CT Saturday 9am-5pm CT
Our Cedar Oil Distillation plant is located on East Highway 337, Leakey, Texas USA 78873


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