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In 1962 Rachel Carson started the Environmental Movement by authoring Silent Spring. It’s no wonder the manufacturers of toxic pesticides and insecticides are so frightened by her commitment to publicize the existence of non-toxic alternatives.

– Toxic pesticides continue to poison our food (soils), our waters and air.
Please don’t add to it.
– Toxic pesticides are deadly poisons to our species, especially to our babies and children.
– Toxic pesticides are poisonous to our pets and livestock.


Story of a Breakthrough

Customer Testimonials

Documercial  Part 1:  Chemical-free Non-toxic Puppy & Kitten Safe Flea Tick Control Product Testimonials

Documercial Part 2: Green Non-toxic Bio-Pesticide DIY Kill Bed Bug Eggs Flea Head Lice Killer Kits

Documercial Part 3: Green Biological Pest Control Products Manufacturer Hotel Fogging Testimonials

Best Yet – Non-Toxic, Organic All-Green Pesticide
a natural alternative to the following products: Pyrethrums, Pyrethrins, Permethrin,
Riddex, Kwell, FrontLine, Advantage, Bedlam, Phantom, Suspend, Bio Spot, Zodiac,
Bayer K9, Advantix, Defend and Hartz

Treating with Best Yet (link)

Using Best Yet … How Often and How Much? (link)

ABC News “Pet Peeve” May 28 2009

PCO Choice (link)

PCO Choice – How to Use

Best Yet vs PCO Choice

CedarShield – technology, use & application

612 Spring Cypress Rd, Spring, Texas 77373 USA
Retail showroom is open to the public Monday-Friday 8am-6pm CT Saturday 9am-1pm CT
800-842-1464 (Local & international 281-367-5075)
Call for live telephone help Monday-Friday 7am-10pm CT Saturday 9am-5pm CT
Our Cedar Oil Distillation plant is located on East Highway 337, Leakey, Texas USA 78873


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